Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hooray! SolvingIt blog is now listed on Alltop.

It’s time for some celebration. This week, I received a letter from that my blog, SolvingIt, has been listed on the lifestyle topic page. After visiting the page, use your browser’s find feature to search for “solvingit.” Then, add my blog to your MyAlltop page.

By the way, what is This site is a blog search engine and blog/headline aggregator in one. Alltop makes it easy for you to discover reputable blogs and even new bloggers.
Featured in Alltop
It’s submission and blog discovery process is easy. I found Techcrunch and Lifehacker, two popular tech blogs I follow closely on Alltop and was eager to get listed. If you have a blog, you can submit your Feed URL. Due to its popularity and the faces behind the site, particularly the popular Internet Master, Guy Kawasaki, an Alltop acceptance opens a door to a large audience for any blog. I’d recommend that you do so. Also, you can create a MyAllTop Page and add my blog, SolvingIt, to your favorite feeds.

Receiving the acceptance email from Alltop on Tuesday made me very happy. I just have to share my joy with you, my faithful readers. Now, what next? Work, work and work! You would notice that recently I have been adding topics like consumer behavior to my blog subjects.
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This is because I believe that solving problems faced in the markets and in our pockets are as important as solving every other problem. I intend exploring other subjects, like creative problem solving skills, financial management skills and self-improvement and training acquisition. I love your readership and your readership spurs me on.

Every one of you, each time you visit my posts and articles, inspires me to share the knowledge, my happiness and the experiences I collate from virtual communities which are provided by persons like you. SolvingIt blog might right now be an underdog in the blogosphere, but together we will get there.

So, as I suggested, discover and share the fun of blogging by visiting Alltop today. Stop the costly searching for internet sites when you can do so on

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