Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where you need to have dentures fitted, go for removable traditional dentures

Many adults and teens go to the dentist when they lose their teeth. Losing one’s teeth could arise from an accident or from microbial infection to the teeth due to improper dental hygiene. Whatever the case, full or partial dentures have helped so many people restore their esteem and ability to chew again after they have lost their teeth.

Teeth decay from eating sugar is not because one eats too much sugar. This arises because the amount of sugar that has contact with the teeth for extended period of time is high. Teens obtain about 40 percent of their carbohydrate intake from soft drinks and this constant beverage use increases the risk of tooth decay. If one suffers tooth decay because he is taking too much sugar and has to have dentures fitted, he should consult a dentist and make sure the dentures fit well otherwise, he would fall into the same trap that caused the problem in the first place: eating of foods that are easy to chew and low in nutritional quality such as cakes or pastries.

It is better to be safe than sorry. It is better to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene than having to lose your tooth and have to replace them with devices that will help you to chew, speak and make you retain your self-esteem.

What if you needed a denture?

When looking for a denture, make sure you have one that is secured because if they are not, food could get in-between and make your mouth sore. Try the one you like, but not without consulting your dentists. Make sure you chose one that helps you to talk better because it could be embarrassing to have them fall when you are trying to talk.

Traditional dentures are viable replacement for your tooth. They are prosthetic devices that partially serve as false teeth. Traditional dentures could be partial or complete. The partial dentures are removable and can be inserted without much help, while the complete dentures are fixed, sometimes called dental bridges, and you need to have a dentist with you when being inserted.

Partial dentures might be your choice, if you were poor and cannot afford to pay the high cost of seeing the dentist often and on. They can be removed and reinserted without the help of a dental professional. They attach to the remaining natural teeth, with an ability to be removed for easy maintenance and cleaning. One other advantage removable partial dentures have is that one requires minimal tooth preparation for the device to be accommodated in the mouth.

It is good to get yourself a denture that is well secured, has good support and is well retained so that they do not have to fall out even when you are talking.

Nothing replaces taking care of the teeth

Nothing can replace taking care of your teeth. Sugar-free carbonated drinks and acidic beverages such as lemonade should be preferred over sugared beverages because they can contribute to de-mineralization of tooth enamel if consumed regularly.

Brush and floss your teeth regularly. When brushing, make sure you brush your tongue very well. Try to eat much of calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and proteins to ensure that the foundation of the teeth is strong because even with good brushing and flossing, a weak foundation would have made all that effort useless. Try to brush right after you eat very sweet food like chocolate and pastries.

I wish you do not have to get dentures. I wish that you can reverse the effects of your teeth decaying. But if on the other hand you cannot do without a denture, make sure that your dentures are fitted properly. If you are having difficulty chewing or have mouth discomfort, eat nutritious foods by having cooked vegetable instead of raw, canned fruits.

Although having a denture, whether a removable, fixed or complete, know that dentures do not come cheap. You can ask your dentist to give you a payment plan if possible. After all is said, the best you can do for yourself is to stop your teeth from decaying.


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