Saturday, May 19, 2012


While reading some news articles I have noticed that some writers have taken to replacing the names of the Minister of Finance, Ngozi OKonjo-Iweala, with the abbreviations, NOI. The uniqueness of this practice is that it is not usually done for every public figure, but for those who have created a niche or mark for themselves in ways the media is unable to unravel?


I believe you all know what the abbreviations IBB and OBJ stands for in this country? Those two are also canonical. The same as Zik, Pa Awo etc. Read my lips, I am not saying NOI has risen to the stature or maturity, but the future is often written with little snippets of a careless ink here or there, or maybe not some careless ink, but some telling psychological nuances and bends in writings.


Although she lost the fight for the top seat of the World Bank to Jim Yong Kim, she lost honorably. If you are used to reading the stats, you should realize that Nigeria has been making some gains in the economic front, especially when it comes to an area that our importers are very sensitive to, the exchange rate, although the unemployment rate is very disappointing.

I wonder if that abbreviation will continue for a long time? If it does, then she will have become canonical, or an establishment in the likes of IBB, OBJ, Dangote etc. Only history can tell.

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  1. Time is sure telling. Dr. Iweala is a great woman. History will not forget her immense contribution to the African continent.


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