Monday, November 2, 2009

Making money and getting rich.

Riches and money, they are illusions and problems that have plagued man over the ages. We worry over poverty, riches, homelessness and inflation so much that we should have solved those problems.

I think making money is like the two sides of a balance sheet. If you have more on your assets side, you are making money but if you have more on your liabilities sides, you'll end up losing it and if this continues for a long time, you're getting poorer.

It's not as if you can't make money by inheriting wealth. Even when we inherit wealth and the balance sheet is heavily on the liabilities side, you keep losing and eventually you getting poorer.

I was reflecting on this recently and came to understand the thrust of Robert Kiyosaki's book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. You can get a hold on it ; it's an insightful bestseller.

When I am talking of wealth, am not referring solely to currency: naira and dollars and coins, wealth of any sort, spiritual, physical, emotional etc. the balance sheet concept is really illustrative and a simple yardstick to help one understand if he is losing or eventually adding up points to make a win.

Try and read the book if you really think wealth and success is important in your life.

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