Thursday, May 1, 2008


power cuts are a constant aspect of Nigerian life. Sometimes you wonder how we are going to develop technologically without constant power supply. Why is it that often there is no light?

Businesses need power or light, in the local slang. Homes also do but reflecting on nature, we'd have to realize that we don't need to complain all the time about there being no constant light. We need to thank heavens it's even available.

How and Why?

Watch nature. God made it possible that there is light and darkness. There are animals that work in light and some that work in darkness and never both and some in both luminaries. Take the dog for example. The dog works during the day but bats work at night while humans work both during the day and night.

learning from nature helps us become innovative and content with what we have. It is known that necessity is the mother of invention and so can Nigerians be in this case and learning to cope with little means you can survive in much.

Think very much about this. I did and learnt lessons myself.

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