Thursday, May 1, 2008


thanks to the hypertext markup language (html) you can browse the internet seamlessly today. This is made possible through a tag that makes linking pages possible. This code will take us to the yahoo home page in html: <a href=''></a>. With html we can switch over to the hotmail page, to any page whatsoever in the world.

What if you can do that with video? It's called HYPERVIDEO.

Imagine, being able to choose what scene you want to watch in your video by just clicking. Suppose you were watching Eddie Murphy's film, “Coming to America”, and you wanted the scene where the prince told his lady friend to: “bark like a dog”. Or watching a film by Akin and Pawpaw, you wanted to watch that funny and hilarious part where Akin and Pawpaw stole things for their father in the village at a shrine?

It can be easily done. With Asterpix, you can navigate your video. Using tags and other navigational tools, you don't have to sit through a whole 90 minutes of any film; just click to wherever you wanted and you're right there.

There are so many advantages:
1. choosing how to watch your film.
2. choosing what part of the film you want.
3. more interesting, ability to search the film to a scene you want.
4. choosing the time spent in watching any film.

I believe Asterpix is an interactive video framework that deserves to be bookmarked by any entrepreneur, whether you are in computers or not. Watch it.

There is great potential for video publishing with this application. It could help improve video creativity and consumer's desire to watch a film like if they are reading a book or browsing the internet.

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