Monday, April 20, 2015

[Video] Week of April 18 top 3 youtube videos: Hillary Clinton, David Hasselhoff, Casey Neistat, filmmaker

Last week ended April 18, amongst the top three youtube trending videos, the first position belongs to – a political video. Guess who? Hillary Clinton.

David Hasselhoff’s "True Survivor" comes second and is absolutely stunning. Third place was prominent filmmaker’s vlog, Casey Neistat, whose story is not only inspiring but motivationg.

The videos start from the third. I hope you do enjoy them.

No 3: Intensity by Casey Neistat

   At 26 after a devastating accident, he was told by his doctors that he wouldn’t be able to "run" again. According to Casey: "This is what matters…[the brain] and the body is there to keep it running." Two years later, 28, he ran a marathon and 21 other marathons after that with several hundred triathlons.
   In this vlog, he ran 21 miles for more than 2½ hours. Astonishing, the intensity!
   This is the 19th vlog from filmmaker, Casey Neistat. He recently announced that he’ll be starting a daily vlog that will allow his viewers a window into his life.
   Viewers: 447,959
   Likes: 12,514
   Dislikes: 233

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