Tuesday, April 7, 2015

[Cartoon] Support : giving help to the weak

We live in an uncertain world. Acts of God, even when foreseen, like a cyclone striking where we live, cannot be stopped. Last month, it happened in Vanuatu. I felt for that poor Island country and decided to post some pictures on this blog. Climate change has exacerbated storms, floods, natural catastrophes that it could happen anywhere anytime.

Although there is nothing you can do about stopping their onslaught, you can do much for yourself by responding positively.

But, what if you are strong and someone is weaker? You can help yourself by giving them support. Support, helping others to get up when they are fallen, to see the good and the best in them, is good for the community as much as for the person.

That is the theme of this week’s cartoon: support.

Think of ways you can give support to someone close to you who is weak: your work colleague, your brother or sister, your neighbor, a stranger you met on the road…

You could end up giving yourself a needed boot indirectly.

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