Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[Cartoon] Rumors: Half truths, half lies.

Rumors are stories or reports which truth or accuracy is doubtful or uncertain. Sometimes also, those stories are not even verified before people start labeling them as facts.

Rumors are enjoyed by people because they are information that are usually entertaining, juicy or stimulating to the ears. But because their truth value is debatable, rumors are usually thought of as stories used for casting reputations, institutions and truths in bad light.

Some people enjoy rumors; some detest it. Some spread it like wildfire; some don’t want to hear about it. Rumors though are a fact of our lives.

So, how do you react to a rumor about you?

As the cartoon below shows, the rumor in question was replied quickly. But, which, the reply or the first story, is the truth, is what makes it more intriguing

There are people who can make money or friendships from spreading rumors. Do you enjoy listening to rumors?

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