Sunday, February 3, 2013

My latest blog,, has been launched.

There comes a time in life when a milestone is crossed; when that eureka! moment arrives. At the beginning of the year, while reading past articles on this blog, I decided I was missing out on one aspect of creative problem solving: shared experiences. I thought Solvingit had too much of research and studies and few of shared experiences. So, I decided to take a step forward. There was no space on SolvingIt for what I wanted. Thus was born another blog, is complementary to this one,". They both share the same subject space, but one difference is that was meant to connect the readers with real persons, institutions, companies and governmental agencies. Solvingit has enough of abstract concepts and terms. has already been launched. As of my writing this piece, there are already four articles on the blog. The first article was meant to introduce the casual reader to why I thought was meant to see the light of day.

The second article was special. I chose a subject that would interest many a reader who is interested in monetary problems: barter economy. That article highlighted how Grecians are looking to the past for solutions. Because the Euro has become scarce and a privileged currency, they were resorting to barter currencies one of which is the Tem.

The third article was inspired by a blog post I found on the Internet concerning Work-At-Home Mums (WAHM) and Stay-At-Home Dads (SAHD). I decided to write a piece on how division of labor in the home is a big contributor to love, harmony and peace.

You can visit the blog, for the fourth and other pieces. I promise you that, the blog, will be much more exciting that even SolvingIt.

Nice reading everyone. May you find the greatest joy, love and happiness in your lives. I wish you charm.

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