Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Start 2013 with building sustainable relationships

2012 was yesterday. So were lots of memory garbage, disappointing refuse and related artifacts. Make it a promise to yourself that 2013 will not invite the same garbage, refuse and artifacts. Promise yourself that 2013 will be better than previous years. One way you can do this is by examining your relationships. Relationships are what make humans social creatures. Have you realized that everyone is related to everyone and to everything?

I did some web research and decided to bring you links to sites that I believe will interest you when it comes to relationships.

  • Building long-term relationship key to client retention.
  • Because it is cheaper to retain existing clients and easier to keep them than investing in marketing for new clients, success in client retention involves building long-term relationships. Some tips that were offered include: treating customers like people, putting the goals of your clients first and going the extra mile for them. Resourcenation blog.

  • Police in LA records reduced crime rate due to community relationship building.
  • In 1992, after the police had beaten a black motorist, Rodney King, the city of Los Angeles broke out in rioting. The police decided to invest in community-building relationship with lots of good stories to tell. Better relationship between the police and LA community is now making the neighborhoods safer. Some community programs run by the police that is facilitating this enhanced safety are: reading to kids in school and coaching youth football teams. VOANEWS

  • Join PACT. Join in reducing teen dating violene.
  • Stop the statistic from going viral. Right now, in the U.S, join PACT in Action to reduce the alarming rate of one in three teens who will experience violence or a teen dating situation. PACT in Action was formed to train teens to pursue healthy relationships, and avoid dangerous and abusive relationships. Its goal is to educate teens so they can reach out to their peers. They believe they can reduce the current alarming statistics of teen dating abuse and violence by 10% come 2020.

  • The social network with your neighbors as friends.
  • When it comes to hanging out with neighbors in our communities, we are lacking, compared to online interactions on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Nextdoor, the neighborhood social network, saw this need and attempts to fill it. It’s a social network that attempts to webify the original social network: the neighborhood. To have the Nextdoor experience, you should define your neighborhood, i.e target your territory and recruit your neighbors to sign up.

The list is small compared to earlier ones, but the information should give you an idea of keys to success in the new year. I wish you all the best in 2013.
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