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Enjoy an all-inclusive vacation at the Carribeans this holiday.

The holidays are here. Your idea of vacation involves good rest, getting refreshed and coming back with memories that will linger forever. The U.S Virgin Islands have lots of things to offer you that can suit any wallet.

Here are some reasons why the U.S Virgin Islands should be on your calendar as vacation time gets closer. As Rihanna once said, you should get a good taste of the Caribbean and see the fun side.

Abundant marine resources

The U.S Virgin Island may be a small Island made of three Islands, St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John, but the coastlines boast of a rich variety of marine life like lionfishes, seahorses, stingrays and so much more. Iguanas are grown here, tortoises thrive here and cat-sized hutias are suitable for hunting and farming due to the absence of dense woodlands. Compared to the bigger Islands, they have better wind flow, fewer mosquitoes, sufficient water and a good view to the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean.
The face of an iguana
The face of an Iguana. Credit:; nal from miami

An extensive network of beaches and bays

The list of beaches and bays one can find at the U.S Virgin Islands is extensive – Bolongo bay, Coki beach, Brewer’s Bay, Hull bay, Lindquist beach etc. They offer plentiful supply of white sand, watersports, excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. The Coral World Ocean Park, a marine life park, can be found on Coki beach. These beaches and bays offer beach chairs to tourists and visitors for rent. There are numerous restaurants where you can sit and enjoy the tranquility and calmness of the Sea.

Pets are always welcome without restrictions

There are no quarantine requirements for bringing pets like cats and dogs to the Island, or even taking them out. There are Animal shelter centers on the Island where you can adopt pets. Every traveler though should take precautions and make enquiries before traveling. Where you intend traveling by air, contact your carrier for details about pet travel and pets as part of your luggage.
Lionfish. Credit:; dachalan.

Countless sea side “all inclusive” resorts.

All-inclusive resorts and spas that in addition to providing lodging, give you the opportunity to avail yourself of a wide range of other amenities such as unlimited food, beverages,
Sugar Bay Resort and Spa, St. Thomas.Boasting of numerous online reviews, lots of cabanas on the Caribbean, golf outlets, a spa, restaurants and nightclubs, including facilities for health and fitness. The rooms open onto Smith Bay, are equipped with supervised childcare facilities, with cable and satellite TV channels, are wired to the Internet. Company Website. For flight schedules, try travel sites like
sports activities, and daily and nightly entertainment. Golf, diving and spa services would usually cost extra, as does top-shelf liquor at some resorts. To name a few, there is Gallows Point Resort at Cruz Bay, Crystal Cove Beach Resort on Sapphire Bay, St. Thomas, Sapphire Beach Resort, East End and Sugar Bay Resort & Spa, St. Thomas.

Make a Caribbean vacation part of your plans these holidays. Make that decision now. Note though that the cost of living is higher than average compared to cities at the U.S mainland and also high compared to the per capita income. You will never regret spending your vacations and holidays here.

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