Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dogs can spend their time at paradise so you don’t have to worry! Airbags can kill your dog.

The holidays are here. We love our pets. The numerous discounts and coupons that you can find on the Internet are not limited to us; pets also have their world. Dogs also have the news.

Here are snippets of news bits about dogs I found on the net.

Dog hoarding addiction or dog collection addiction?

This might be a case of addiction to hoarding dogs or to collecting dogs. A man was discovered with 149 sick and starving Chihuahua dogs at his home in Ogden, Link to story.

You’ll find the story interesting. Could be an extreme case of dog love or some neurosis.

Operation Broken Chain: ARS to the rescue.

Operation Broken Chain, one of the largest dog fighting operations has recorded another success. Resuce officials were able to move 65 dogs to an emergency shelter in Nashville. The dogs were found underweight and discovered by firefighters during a brush fire on property along Buckeye Road on Thanksgiving night, in Ashland City, Tennessee.

Link to original story.

The dog rescue operation is still ongoing and the ARS has room for contributors. If you are interested in volunteering in this daunting effort, email the animal rescue corps: with subject line Operation Broken Chain.

Driving with your dog in the front seat can kill your dog.

Although airbags were supposed to be for vehicle safety, but during a collision, when not properly buckled up, they could prove dangerous. They could be dangerous for little children. And also for dogs.

A distracted driver found this out after an accident when she lost her dog and then found it injured later.

Original article.

She would have lost her dog.

Her lesson from this experience: always ride your dog in the back seat. The airbag can kill your dog.

Some thief hopes to make this dogs starve if they escape shooting.

I wonder who would pray some poor dogs that have escaped being shot starve? A dog resuce volunteer’s hoe at Windsor Park, Mannitoba, Canada, Jill Britton, was broken into with 44 boxes of dog food and supplies stolen.

Original article

The dogs must be running wild at Mannitoba.

This community kills dog, (awful!) because of an overpopulation or dog problem and the Norway House Animal Rescue Network strives to rescue and protect these animals just before they are shot. The food was stolen so the dogs would starve.

Dogs also suffer from diabetes.

November is diabetes month. Diabetes is not confined to only man. Cats and dogs can contact diabetes too. Diabetes in dogs has a low incidence though; about 1 percent of the pet population in U.S.A.

How is dog diabetes discovered? It is when a previously house-trained pet has urine accidents in the house. Dog diabetes is also diagnosed by detection of elevated glucose in the urine and blood of the dog.

All these information were found at the news story site. As with humans, dogs require regular insulin therapy. Ann M. Anderson has much more to teach on diabetes in dogs and treatment of the condition in dogs.

Follow the story.

If you happen to be at DFW airport and your dog is not worth the trouble, can offer pet boarding

Dogs can now spend their holidays at the DFW airport, thanks to

The service is meant for holiday enthusiasts who want to spend the holidays traveling without their dogs from the DFW airport. Paradise4paws offers pet boarding, daycare, pet pick-up and drop-off services. Founder Saq Nadeem says they offer luxury accommodations for dogs and cats, including overnight suites. The company reports that people dropped off their pets at the resort just before flying out for the holiday.

In case you happen to be at DFW airport with a pet, bookmark this site.

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