Saturday, October 13, 2012

Encouraging abuse could prove harmful in the future

If your man abuses you and you keep it to yourself, you might be encouraging him to do violence on you in the future?

Do you know that?

Whatever relationship one keeps, one has to be careful. This problem does not only affect married couples – it also affects teens. While adults might report only one abusive partner, teens have been known to hide the abuse they receive from their boyfriends and partners until it becomes the second or third partner that is following the trend.

The message is clear: hiding psychological or sexual abuse because you love your boyfriend and do not want the relationship to break up could be harmful to you. Sometimes, it starts with his yelling at you or insulting you for very little or minor offenses. When such becomes frequent, particularly when the man is trying to control you through such behavior, then you have to tread cautiously. It is imperative that you start doing something about it. Why not talk with him about how you feel? If you desire to keep a relationship, communication is one of the keys to a lasting relationship. Talk with him about your feelings. Tell him what he is doing that is hurting you. Communicating your fears and feelings openly shows that you want the relationship to work. If you don’t trust him again, tell him. Do not sneak on him, reading his emails or Facebook messages behind his back. If he finds out, he could end up abusing you more. You could end up blaming yourself for the abuse when he should have realized that he has a problem.

If you want to know the signs to look out for that your boyfriend or girlfriend seeks to control you, then this article should be for you.

Does he demand for sex when both of you are not ready for it? If that is the reason for his yelling at you, calling you names, explain why both of you should stay clear of sex. Don’t make the mistake of making excuses for him whenever he hits you because you refused to give in. He could employ other means, like accusing you of talking to other men and using him as an emotional buffer. He is only looking for your weaknesses, so that he can be able to control you and get his way.

Your body is precious. Do not hurt yourself because you want to please your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you have tried to be patient and trusting but the abuse still continues, it might be time for you to move on. Sometimes, it might be appropriate to report the abuse. This will help both of you. Speak to your parents about it if you love him.

Learn to say no to an abusive relationship before you hurt yourself. You could damage your health, both emotionally and physically, trying to make up for an abusive relationships.

Take control of your life, even if you are young!

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