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Judas Iscariot made himself infamous for betraying his friend, our Lord Jesus Christ.

I wonder who wants that sort of fame attached to his name? Remember, Judas committed suicide for his evil plot; it doesn’t mean that instant punishment always comes to those who make it a habit to betray TRUST that has been given to them.

The idea of this blog came about when someone gave me some trust that I really appreciated. He allowed me free rein, unrestricted access, to his resources, without any price. On deeper reflection, I realized that trust comes at no price but the benefits, like air and water, are immense.

Until it is betrayed.

Air used to be free, until that adjective, “clean” was attached to it. Water was healthy until the adjective “polluted” was attached to it. Nature is a trust given to humans until we betrayed that trust. Then, the availability or the enjoyment of air and water came with a price.

You cannot have clean air without paying for it. You can no longer have healthy water without paying a price for it. If trust has been entrusted to you, you do not realize how free it is until you betray that trust.

I decided that those resources entrusted to me were better free than at a price. So, I sat down and asked myself: “What would or could I do that might make my friend unhappy?” I made a list of them, prioritizing them and the one of highest priority was: “Never to betray his trust. I will only stick to our agreement as to the use of the given resources and never go beyond that, no matter how tempting other course of action might seem.”

I felt a happier and more satisfied person coming to a determination to take that decision.

Although it was the least cost route to take economically, on the other hand, it was the moral and right course to take.

In an age of “everything-goes” when many people trample freely on morality and ethics, it was some comfort to discover that the moral way was the best way.

“Now, Judas his betrayer was also standing with them.” Imagine how those lines must have brought pain to the heart of Jesus Christ. I could imagine costing my friend some expense if I betrayed him. Who would then have to pay the bill? None but me. He’d have to restrict the use of that resource and then, it would no longer be free. It was not going to come at zero price and unrestricted. The resource would become scarce and attached.

I was resolved not to be standing like Judas.

I was going to keep that trust.

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