Saturday, March 17, 2012


I tweeted yesterday that I bought a printer from Ikeja and on the way lost it. Sounds crazy right?

The situation was nerve-wracking and I spent quite a lot of money trying to figure out where on the way from Ikeja to Satellite town I left it on a bus.

How on earth could a man with a printer forget it on a bus?

Some of those reasons are: I had lots of luggage and lots of load on my head. It’s not easy trying to start up a small business in Lagos. The weight of trying to calculate how much it would take to buy a printer, buy stationary, do this and that – it just isn’t easy at all!

Thumbs up to all those who are running successful small businesses in Lagos. Hectic lagos!

But the story turned out well. The men at the Ikeja park, from Ikeja to Mile 2 were honest to a fault. Just hours after I reported my loss, I was calmed to -5 degrees centigrade. If the printer loss was on one of their buses and a passenger in the bus was not smarter than the driver, then I’ll have the printer the next day.

The next day is today and the crazy printer is sitting in my room.

I really do not know how to say “Thank you” to those God-fearing men at Ikeja. I think there are men we can trusteven though so much news from the political scene are disheartening. By the way, who cares about politics?

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