Thursday, November 25, 2010


Number crunching is what bank statements and profit statements are all about; they are the tools of the numeric man, you and I, the homo sapien or the modern man.

No wonder I found myself wondering if mandarin Chinese is the next language school that will be as popular as the Alliance Fran├žaise here in Lagos?

Why? Check out what this blog post numbers say: 420 milliion people in china have internet access and are available on baidu; for those who do not know, baidu is the Chinese equivalent of the search engine, Google. For a country of one to two billion, 420 million is just a scratch of the potentials, there will still be a walk towards a figure or number greater than 420 million.

Who’s not going to learn mandarin Chinese for such a huge market base? Now is the time to start. Sooner than later, Chinese language would be a necessity on the resumes of those who want to do international business.
I think I have ideas towards Chinese but that will not be so fast, maybe towards 2012 or thereabouts. By the way, do you realize that Chinese trade policy is much Africa-centric than other developed western countries?

If you want a linguistic advantage, forget learning French for now, take a course in mandarin Chinese before anything else.

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