Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I found myself giggling Wednesday evening as I danced for more than half an hour to some old school music. I really enjoyed the tracks from P. Diddy (as he was called then) and Heavy D.
It’s a pleasure to be carefree, to allow the tension flow away into the arms of some well crafted beats.
When I dance, I like dancing to the beats of the music, that is why I enjoy rap music and sentimental blues a lot. It’s been long since I listened to a track by Mary J Blige. Oh, is she heavenly. Asa also, she just has the gift.
Music is a product of maths, that I cannot deny. As I took the feet up and down, counting the beats, I thought the best musicians give one the illusion that the frequency of the beat was going to be steady and suddenly, there is a turn in the frequency, like some climax or critical point was reached. The beat changes, everyone raises their hands in the air.
Music is so beautiful. Take time and dance carefree once in a while and you’d understand why I had to write this blog. Just had to.

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