Thursday, November 25, 2010


Number crunching is what bank statements and profit statements are all about; they are the tools of the numeric man, you and I, the homo sapien or the modern man.

No wonder I found myself wondering if mandarin Chinese is the next language school that will be as popular as the Alliance Fran├žaise here in Lagos?

Why? Check out what this blog post numbers say: 420 milliion people in china have internet access and are available on baidu; for those who do not know, baidu is the Chinese equivalent of the search engine, Google. For a country of one to two billion, 420 million is just a scratch of the potentials, there will still be a walk towards a figure or number greater than 420 million.

Who’s not going to learn mandarin Chinese for such a huge market base? Now is the time to start. Sooner than later, Chinese language would be a necessity on the resumes of those who want to do international business.
I think I have ideas towards Chinese but that will not be so fast, maybe towards 2012 or thereabouts. By the way, do you realize that Chinese trade policy is much Africa-centric than other developed western countries?

If you want a linguistic advantage, forget learning French for now, take a course in mandarin Chinese before anything else.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I found myself giggling Wednesday evening as I danced for more than half an hour to some old school music. I really enjoyed the tracks from P. Diddy (as he was called then) and Heavy D.
It’s a pleasure to be carefree, to allow the tension flow away into the arms of some well crafted beats.
When I dance, I like dancing to the beats of the music, that is why I enjoy rap music and sentimental blues a lot. It’s been long since I listened to a track by Mary J Blige. Oh, is she heavenly. Asa also, she just has the gift.
Music is a product of maths, that I cannot deny. As I took the feet up and down, counting the beats, I thought the best musicians give one the illusion that the frequency of the beat was going to be steady and suddenly, there is a turn in the frequency, like some climax or critical point was reached. The beat changes, everyone raises their hands in the air.
Music is so beautiful. Take time and dance carefree once in a while and you’d understand why I had to write this blog. Just had to.


Our world today, you must agree with me, is passing through a period where the morality of our institutions is being put into question. By institutions, I mean religious institutions. They signify so much of the amoral questions, materialism for one. It’s saddening that the very institutions that are supposed to provide moral leadership are failing the test.
So does science want to provide the answer?
I was reading this article:
morality: don’t be afraid – science can make us better .
Although the article was interesting, I was not convinced that science is ready to take over the baton of moral leadership. Yet!
I don’t know if and when the time will come if there would be anything relevant to religion again? Science has been making so much progress in human development and evolution that sometimes one believes the fight is slowly coming the way of religion. The solutions provided by science, while mimicking creation, are so laudable, that only time will tell.
Even despite reservations about the ethics behind stem cell research, IVF and humans living outside the planet. I wonder what spirituality a homo sapiens would express living on mars for more than 365 days?
Also, there is the fear that as with the ever increasing conflicts in the theory about the origin of the earth, there surely will be conflicts in the theories science would propose in this direction. Take psychiatry and psychology for example. Those fields are replete with theories that change as the setting and rising of the sun.
Maths is part of science itself. Although I blog within the limits of high school maths, I know that there are lots of moral practices going on in the mind in solving an equation. The training behind solution finding itself can be compared to that given to a child on the ten commandments. I have observed how students react when they fail the answer to an equation. Although I cannot say there is a tinge of the conscience, yet the guilt written on their faces makes some never to come back to maths again.
Many people say maths is boring; so many say the ten commandments are boring also. Because so many persons are skeptical about these spiritual treasures do not make them so, or less important.
I rest my case on these points. I think it would be revolutionary if science finds some solutions to the moral question, then some of life’s mysterious question would be the subject of laboratory research.