Monday, September 20, 2010


I feel awed by the beauty of maths and its insightful lessons about our daily lives and how we could live it better than I decided to share the above title in my post.
1. That to solve an chronic problem, you have to simplify your life.
When you simplify your life, you remove the layers of dirt and dense lies that you have been trying to live to justify why you cannot solve that problem.

2. Anxiety and multitasking are two twins of the same belly.
Doing maths has taught me that I should not just talk about doing one thing at a time, but that is the way of wisdom and healthiness. In our technologically driven age, multitasking tasks the resources and nerves in unknown ways that bring about uncalled for emotional friction.

3. The inbuilt desire to love solving problems.
We all claim to love solving problems. But how many persons love getting down to the dirty and cleaning the toilet when it has to be done? It is a task we prefer the maid or houseboy preoccupy himself with; yet, that is the stuff problems are made of. Problems are the dirts that clog our lifestream. Maths has helped me to see solving them as not a task but as a necessary part of life.

4. Classification of things.
Maths has taught me that the differences between things and their similarities could be the reason for my prejudices, whether hidden or expressed. Repeated filtering of objects into their similarities and differences has helped me and can also help you too to flesh out your prejudices.

5. Building the linker concept.
This is what I call the linker concept: after simplifying everything and resolving them, you eventually realize that everything and everyone is related to everyone and everything somehow. The linker concept makes me conscious of this fact. I am also conscious of the fact that nothing happens by chance; there is always a linker for anything. In maths, this concept could be called the relation or functions that connects variables.
So do you think I’d recommend a reading in maths for anyone? I would surely.
By the way, I just started teaching Advanced mathematics at a local institute in my neighborhood. Thinking of buying a digital camera so I can share the pictures. Also, I intend writing a book on how mathematics can help one when you are feeling depressed and frustrated in life. It helped me. I’d be opening a blog dedicated to my mathematical endeavors and through the blog collect ideas for the book.
Mathematics a day can keep the psychiatrist away.

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