Saturday, August 14, 2010

The fear that is the Real Fear

Sometimes I hear the word fear and think: what does it mean to be afraid.
I see fear as being of two types:

1. Being afraid of punishment.
2. Being afraid because you regard it as a duty to do the right thing or for conscientious reasons.

I was thinking about this recently. I wonder why so many persons think people would turn to crime except for the first fear: that they might end up in jail when caught. I believe that so many persons have the second fear and the second fear should be the right kind of fear. It is a fear that is demonstrated both in private and public. The first kind, that fear is destructive; it is demonstrated only in public, in the eyes of the public while in private, this fear makes you self-destruct or destroy other persons or property.
What kind of education would make men exercise the second creative kind of fear?
Wondering. It would an exceptional kind of education. Would there be any benefits, adaptive, financial, emotional and physical exhibiting the second creative kind of fear where the world tends towards the first while manifesting tendencies of game theory? It would involve so much sacrifice but that is what is needed to build a complete individual.

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