Friday, August 13, 2010

The Eternal Question: who is God?

I believe God exists but how do I perceive him? The eternal question that is mind bothering and so intriguing is: how do you perceive something your senses realize, yet if your senses realize it, how come it was not perceived?
To perceive is to understand, and to realize is to know. I realize God, I know God exist but I cannot perceive, I cannot understand him. That is the most daunting frictional force that plagues and burdens me. Who knows the answer to that question; who knows who is God?
I cannot get any help from l’hôpital, newton, russel etc. not from anyone. Will I go to the grave with tears in my eyes, asking myself everyday: who is God? Why does he not allow me to know him to the fullest as I wish to.
The Infinite Eternal Question is: Qui est Dieu?
Hello Universe, who is God?

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