Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Often at times, I hear people think the job they are doing is menial. It beats me why anyone would continue to work at anything menial because the menial tasks are associated with servants, persons we don't think are our peers in status; whatever status you are thinking of right now.

I was in a bank recently and the guard at the gate, a tall handsome man told us: “We are challenged right now by the generator. Could you people please wait.” I smiled. I loved the image he was throwing out. I love that word, challenge, that I replied, speaking to myself: “you better beat that challenge!” And that is the mindset I have also when I face any task I don't like. I take it as a challenge, a challenge to be faced and won.

I'd rather any job or employment I don't like the pay totals be a low paying job, rather than a menial job. Anything but the menials.

If you think the work you are doing is a menial job, then you have started on a defeatist footing. You'll never like the work and you'll never work well.

Someone who keeps gnawing hard at a menial job, although unknown to himself, believes his self-respect has been invaded somewhat. He feels abused by his employer, who might be aware or not of that situation.

A menial job puts you in an endless mindless working trap that keeps you trapped!

Rather it be a low paying job you don't like. I'll never take a menial job.

If you translate the terms for your job, no matter the tasks, as low paying, then against the menials, you are working with a positive mindset. You can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. You think of improving, of doing something or going somewhere better. Remember, you're not the only one who is poor in a world where the poor are now counted in their staggering billions. You're just a unique individual who didn't want to work at a low paying job!
By calling that job description, a low paying job you don't like, you get to keep your self-respect and your employer doesn't have that tinge of conscience of being accused in the future of abusing an employee. You might even have to ask for a raise if you think you do deserve it eventually. But make sure, my brother , that you do deserve it.

So, next time you think of your work and the job you are doing, if it does not really put so much into your pockets at the end of the month, don't ever think it's a servant's occupation you are in, just wonder why you are working at a low paying job that you don't like. And go work on it so you can get that raise!

A happy working year.