Monday, May 5, 2008


This pix was from a friend, Kenneth Kolo.

Thanks, Kenneth, for taking my old tooth off with your nice pix. I didn't know what to name it and since you didn't give it a name I think: “a marital shenanigan,” should be appropriate. I think the hussy's hat gave it away.

And for those of you who were scared of sending serial emails, you know, with phishing and scams rampant on the web, our web, the file is an animated gif. I just loved it.

But why would the husband take all the knocks? The lawyer must really know how to throw kicks right there. Man, I think gone are the days where the husband was saying: “for better for worse”, for his socks were much for worse than better.

Do you think otherwise? To see the animation and enjoy the pix, download the file. Thanks

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