Tuesday, May 6, 2008


no matter how much your paycheck is at month's end, a report claims that your spending on others, not that paycheck, contributes to happiness.

and how much do you have to give to be happy? It's not how much you give, but the giving. Even little alterations in one's income that is spent on others, as much as $5 will make you happy, the researchers claim. When you spend money “pro-socially” or towards a cause that is social, let's say, a gift or charitable donations towards a good cause, you tend to be happier than if you earn a promotion at the office.

So the ball is in your court. Your happiness contributes towards having a good health and living life the way you want to define it.

You can see a story of the report


and where giving brings happiness, other scientists claim, which claim some people think is bogus, that taking cereals for breakfast improves a mother's chance of giving birth to a male child. This is a far cry from the Y and X chromosomes I (or we) were meant to believe.

If this is to be believed, then women would be taking cereals like mad for breakfast. They never have to toss a coin, heads female, tail male? Why not try this trick yourself, maybe on your wife if you're a married man, and see if it's not another old women's tale. Recipe for a son starts with daily bowl of cereal”.

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