Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A couple of times, some of us have been witnesses to robberies, involving others or ourselves. You're among the lucky few if you've not. A year ago an Uncle of mine was robbed at gun's point, a gun was pointed at his head. It was a nightmare for him; it was scary for him. We all know what it means to feel defenseless, insecure, pushed to the wall or hunted.

Here are simple tips one can follow to prevent robberies or attacks aimed to rob your goods or property. Although it doesn't mean it's prevent crime altogether, but it sure helps to take precautions. You should note that except for the police who keep records of crimes, we ordinary citizens are not really adept at the ways of criminals.

1. Advertising your status or flaunting your status. Be careful of flaunting what you are worth, what you can do, in the public, especially where you are before strangers. And especially if you are a stranger to a place.

2. In public places, keep a sure eye and tight grip on your valuables. I carry my laptop a lot, on my shoulder and I make sure although the bag is hung on my should, I have my hands on the edge of the bag towards my front. It sure makes for safety.

3. Don't expose money carelessly. We Nigerians are fond of flaunting our wealth at parties and “cashing” the celebrants with naira notes on their foreheads. Some of these persons have reported of visits by robbers after such events. If you have to give, anything, valuable and huge, why don't you do it in private; or rather get it gift-wrapped.

4. Don't travel alone to out-of-the place places. And what if it is absolutely essential that you go, alone, in short notice? Make sure somebody knows about where you are going and keep your cellphone with you. Make repeated calls about your location if you're going to be a total stranger. You never can tell.

5. Take out an insurance policy on expensive valuables. It sure helps to be insured, especially if the good is valuable, but make sure you pay your premiums and be careful that you're dealing with proper insurance agents.

And finally, when robbers are pointing a gun at you?

6. Never scream. Obey them. Give them whatever valuable you have. Make sure you have some marks here and there on such stuff and try to remember details about the robbers. Always do. Remember if they have tribal marks, what they said etc. Sometimes, the police can fish them out faster.

Keep it in mind that not all crimes are reported and never make yourself attractive to robbers.

You can get other information from official sources. Check out this link:

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