Monday, May 19, 2008

CTO 2008 Internet Connectivity Options - IPNX NIGERIA LIMITED

IPNX Nigeria Limited.

Offices: Laogs, Abuja, P.,H and Yenagoa.

Brief: provider of infrastructure – based Telecomms and IT Services in Nigeria. Aims to be one of the top 3 infrastructure-based Telecoms and IT Service providers by 2009.

Products and services:

a. iWireless – this solution is beautiful. It's also new. It's a wireless broadband solution , all-IP, fully converged, end-to-end solution that provides voice services and high speed broadband Internet /data access. The different flavors are: professional plan for professional firms; home office plan for freelancers and one man businesses; small business plan for SMEs; and family plan for families. The prices are attractive. Monthly subscription for family plan is 6, 000 naira basic.


B. ipNX connect: cost effective network solution for connecting a number of branches located in the same city. It supports data, fax, Internet, video , and voice.

c. ipNX mail: email hosting service that provides mailboxes that are accessible from anywhere in the world .

d. ipNX host: a website hosting solution.

For more details, visit the website:

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