Monday, May 19, 2008

CTO 2008 Internet Connectivity Options - Teledom Group

Teledom Group.

2. Brief: offices in 3 major cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja and Uyo. A conglomerate of four (4) companies namely:

  • Teledom International Limited.

  • Technology Development Company Limited (TDC)

  • Web Inn Solutions Limited

  • IT (Resource) Mart Limited.

Customer base: big to small enterprises .

3. Products and services:

  • VSAT and Broadband Wireless Solutions.

  • IP Telephony and IP Telephony Systems. These integrates a corporate WAN with a gateway to the Internet that involves voice mail, call transfer and conferencing, Fax, TCP/IP management interface and a gateway to the Internet. The solution is highly scalable and reduces telephone expenses. Best for SME and Multisite/Branch.

  • Security Network Operating Systems (SNOS). An integrated smart system of CCTV and IP cameras that detects every media of danger and intrusion including gas. Suitable for cities, states, banks, multinationals, hotels, security agencies etc. Benefit is that monitoring can be done from anywhere in the world, real-time, and viable for Multisite integration.

  • Wifi Hotspot that integrates Internet, Data, Video and Voice (telephone ). Enables you to connect anywhere and connect while roaming. The benefits are immense.

  • Wimax Broadband Wireless Technology Access. You get triple play services with Wimax: voice , data and multimedia services.

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