Monday, April 14, 2008


Times without number, we refuse to go the extra mile in providing just the right solution to a problem, just the right attitude to providing a required need. We presented with this deficiency, we find the customer, the one we thought we had a solution for exclaim: “yeah but, it does not...”, “yeah but, you should have...”

I could recall once when a friend asked me: “why are you still staying with your parents at your age?” I think am thirty-two but I think I think younger than that. My answer was something close to looking for a yeah but...

this came to my mind while reading “the seven sins of solutiions”. You could find the article interesting.

Ask yourself:

1. do I look for shortcuts to solutions?

2. do the wrong assumptions guide my decision-making process?

3. do I welcome alternatives from external sources?

4. do I look for the easy way out of solutions, not shortcutting, a cousin, but never being imaginative, original or inspiring?

5. do what i've produced make me easily satisfied?

6. remember: keep it simple, stupid. KISS.

7. do I allow “yeah, buts...” to crop up in my solutions?

this piece taken from a blog by guy kawasaki: seven sins of solutions.

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