Monday, April 14, 2008


Too often we believe lagos is a dirty place; so is every city. We know though that the environment impacts on our mental and physical health, so what a beautiful thing for the lagos state government to be thinking of dredging up major canals at Gbagada, Dolphin/Obalende axis, Baale/Okoya (used to live in this neighborhood), Osose in Bariga and Oko-Oba in Agege.

And how much is the government putting into this? A 1.2bn naira. It's a welcome news for people living along those areas, especially those who depend on water for their daily lives. Let's hope it all gets done and done properly.


Times without number, we refuse to go the extra mile in providing just the right solution to a problem, just the right attitude to providing a required need. We presented with this deficiency, we find the customer, the one we thought we had a solution for exclaim: “yeah but, it does not...”, “yeah but, you should have...”

I could recall once when a friend asked me: “why are you still staying with your parents at your age?” I think am thirty-two but I think I think younger than that. My answer was something close to looking for a yeah but...

this came to my mind while reading “the seven sins of solutiions”. You could find the article interesting.

Ask yourself:

1. do I look for shortcuts to solutions?

2. do the wrong assumptions guide my decision-making process?

3. do I welcome alternatives from external sources?

4. do I look for the easy way out of solutions, not shortcutting, a cousin, but never being imaginative, original or inspiring?

5. do what i've produced make me easily satisfied?

6. remember: keep it simple, stupid. KISS.

7. do I allow “yeah, buts...” to crop up in my solutions?

this piece taken from a blog by guy kawasaki: seven sins of solutions.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Recently heard of a helath insurance programe run by a private firm here in Nigeria; heard it word of mouth. As a professional worker, insuring your health this way would help improve on your guaranteeing yourself quality health care as can be obtained overseas.

And if your employer offers same through its own clinic? I think this program has to be checked out all the same. Just do so.

Is this a problem? Maybe for you maybe for me but being one-sided, let's say it's for you with me in the set of you.

It would seem a problem if you doubt you'd always be ill or sick, so in your imagination, the *extras* on the premiums goes to the profit and loss account of the insuring medical firm. The profit side :).

Remember, life's not a game, nor is it a duel. Your health is precious and so is that of your loved ones. Think: if you pay not to fall ill, then the firm will be encouraged to make sure you don't fall ill. And if thousands of persons pay not to fall ill? Then the firm is in a business where it absolutely is assuming a monopoly. Imagine the benefits of that? Health care as if obtained overseas.

If everyone cooperates to pay the premium, they'll all cooperate to create a system second to none in the country, provided, a catch-22 here, the insuring medical firm, is committed with a management and leadership that is focused.

If you don't have money to pay for the premium like myself? Spread the word to those you think can. Write if you think you care about your health.


In life as in death there are only two choices: to refuse or to accept. Denial of an explicit answer is 99.99% of the time an acceptance. So, what if you give you an armchair and ask you to have all pleasure or all the displeasure in accepting our proposal, without duress, without force, withour coercion?

Proposal: would you give your chair to me if I asked you?

I think there are three things you can do:

1. give me all the chair.

2. share the chair with me,

3. refuse the proposal.

All three choices are mutually exclusive, that means, you can't give me all your chair and still be sharing it with me neither can any of the two apply when you refuse to accept my proposal. So which do I think you will accept.


I assume you don't have another so you won't give me all your chair unless you are a character that is worth studying, unless I do what is not allowed: bully, force, harass or insult you? I assume you have only one chair.

Sharing the chair with me is a possibility if the width of the chair is more than that of your backside i.e there is extra space for me, but you could also refuse even if there is extra space for me. I believe either option makes you comfortable: sharing or refusing. If either option makes you comfortable, then if you refuse to share you'd have extra unused spaces on your chair which would implicitly incur costs on your person, either in the abstract or in the physical.

PRINCIPLE: according to the law of entropy, any matter left unused for some time tends to run to chaos, disorder or breakdown.

So on principle, where sharing and refusing makes you comfortable, just share and tell how you felt.